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 I am originally from New Jersey, where I was born & raised. I was always hanging out at the barbershop at a young age, sweeping and watching all the barbers around me as a kid. I moved to Miami in my early teens where I started cutting my friend's hair in school & in my garage until I was 15 years old. I started working at an Oldschool barbershop of an old friend of my grandpa, who was also a barber back in Cuba before Castro stripped him from his home and barbershop back in the early ’60s.



So I started in that barbershop back in Hialeah, FL with a bunch of master barbers who specialized in fades & all types of modern haircuts back in like 1998.

I picked up a lot from the barbers back then working side by side. I picked up a lot of experience there and moved on to owning my own my first shop at 18. sharp edges Barbershop In Hialeah. I had it for 3 years sold it and moved back up to New Jersey for college where I worked for a couple of years at V.I.P. Styles & 1X Barbershop until 2006. 


Journey to Mastery

After I finished college moved back to Miami where I connected with an old friend from Fade Masters named Edel. He got me a job in one of the oldest barbershops in Davie, FL called Carl’s barbershop - also known as the school of hard knocks 💈✂️. I learned so much there in the years that I worked there from all the experienced barbers. Hot-Towel shaves, Flat-Tops, designs, etc. It was like being in an Oldschool barber college. 

From there I opened my 2nd barbershop in Hialeah, FL called Mike’s Barbershop 💈. Where a couple of years later they sold the shopping center and I was bought out. With that money, I moved back to Jersey in 2010 and opened yet another shop in West New York, New Jersey. Mike’s Barbershop.


Here I established a great clientele & a movement of all the new Cuban Reggaeton artists up and coming to promote their music and promoting my barbershop as well with my promoter friend Rafael.


It took my shop to great recognition in the community. I was there for a couple of years until 2016 where I sold my shop and moved to Dallas, TX where I worked at my own Shop since 2020 after Covid and now I relocated to Seguin, TX..

Now I operate Sit N Bull Barbers at 

506 N San Marcos St, Seguin, TX 78155



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