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Hot towel treatment benefits.

Your trip to the barbershop is not worth it if you don't take a hot towel treatment! Now you’ll be thinking what exactly does hot towel treatment means? So let’s first start with understanding what exactly it is.

This treatment is very helpful for all those guys who go out in pollution, can’t take care of their hair and skin on daily basis due to busy lifestyle, regularly deals with dust, and face sunlight, rain, or sweatiness, you could say almost all men face this on daily basis, so this treatment is great for everyone who wants their skin and hair to be smooth and healthy.

Usually, everyone goes to the barbershop just for haircut and shaving but after shaving, our dead skin cells are removed and we need a massage so that there is proper blood circulation, all bacteria are removed and our skin is moisturized, these some of the benefits you will get after you've had our hot towel treatment.

Let’s discuss the benefits in detail:

1. Hair-game strong:

As everyone is concerned about their hair and always wants their hairstyle to look amazing, you may have a good haircut and you will look dashing but maintenance is necessary.

Hair fall, dryness, dandruff, weak scalp, no shining these are some common factors that everyone faces, and one of the best solutions is a hot towel treatment.

After taking this service you will realize that your hair growth is increased, hair falling is reduced and it will be very helpful for a healthy scalp, also you can expect your hair to get strong and shinning. And if this is not enough, you will also feel relaxed and calm after enjoying such relaxing treatment.

2. The skin solution:

It works as makeup for men. Hot towel treatment can totally rejuvenate your skin and change up your look instantly. After having this treatment, you will feel fresh and happy, this is one of the best ways to pamper your face. So that it can have a glowing and healthy shining skin.

As compared to women, men have a general tendency to be careless for their personal grooming. So a hot towel treatment once in a while can work wonders for your skin. And, trust us guys, men who pay attention to their skin are even more attractive to girls.

3. Soften the beard: -

The hot towel treatment warms up your skin and opens up your pores. As it cleans up the skin under the beard, it promotes the growth of new facial hair and therefore fastens the process of beard growth. Guys looking for a growing beard should instantly give it a try.

Also, hot towel treatment nourishes your beard and soften your facial hair. After this treatment, you can comb and style facial hair in your own way. It also helps to get rid of the beardruff (beard dandruff) problem.

4. Instant stress reliever:

Stress is one of the major causes of skin problems. All the acne we get, dark circles, etc. all are often symptoms of the stress we carry. Hot Towel treatment is a mixture of heat and steam, giving our face an opportunity for proper blood circulation, and this the reason it eliminates the stress.

Not only do you feel stress-free, but you also feel relax, calm and it also decreases your tension, even face shines out differently so this is the best way of killing two birds with one stone.

5. Open up pores of skin:

As we all know there are common skin problems like dead skin cells, blackheads, whiteheads, bacteria, dirt gathered on our face and it is very important to maintain our skin clean, so using hot towel treatment will open up our skin pores.

After getting all that deep dirt out, our skin will look healthy even after a home shaving. It will will be very different, in comparison to when your skin pores are closed and filled with everything we don't want them to be, in fact, you are less likely to feel irritation and your shaving will be more easy and comfortable.

6. Eyes coolness:

Your eyes are the only way through which you can see the whole world, so it is very important to take care of your eyes. When you use hot towel service on our eyes, muscles near the eyes get a proper massage, it also helps in reducing dark circles.

As we grow older, more pain and stress come on our eyes and we get major eye-related problems down the line, so taking care of your eyes and giving a proper relaxation to them is definitely recommended.

7. Shoulder and back benefits: -

In our daily routine, we get tired and frustrated and often end up with body aches, unless you are a robot. Hot towel treatment eases tiredness, it helps in proper blood circulation in the entire body, also reduces muscle tension, and as a result our whole body feel relaxed and ease.

If you're a gym shark guy, who constantly works out and puts resistance and stress on your muscles then a hot towel treatment is highly recommended. It relaxes your muscles and gives you instant relief from body soreness.

What are the steps of our hot towel treatment?

  1. First, it all starts up with washing your face so that all the dirt is removed.

  2. Then we moisturize your face with a good amount of moisturizer actually, plenty of it more than the regular daily use.

  3. Then we will massage the moisturizer and oil on the face and place the hot towel on it.

  4. The hot towel is then covered with the plastic wrap making sure you are comfortable and have ease in breathing.

  5. Then we remove the hot towel and the plastic wrap from your face before it cools down and removes the extra moisturizer which has all the dirt.

  6. Then we apply fresh moisturizer on the face, keeping in mind the face is still warm.

  7. After this, we do your shaving, and this is not the end.

  8. We apply aftershave mask treatment and cold towel treatment so that skin is nurtured with the proper amount of oil and moisturizer and then pores are closed with cold towel treatment.

  9. The last step is to apply balm cream on your face.

As we discussed above, our after-shave mask treatment here is our green mask treatment, so basically, a green mask is applied just after the hot towel shave.

This mask makes a smooth finish to your face, it also removes all the impurities, dirt, and oil from the face. It avoids irritation or any bumps which may appear on your face. Additionally, it supports the shave last, making it last an extra day or two depending on the client’s hair and skin, but it will always give a positive result to the skin.

Ready to give yourself the look and relaxation you deserve? Book your appointment now!

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