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My beard my rule.The only beard care guide you’ll need

A beard is something which every man thinks of having, and is one of the personal favorite things to style with their haircuts.

Experimenting with beard styles and haircuts is very important because that makes you understand what suits your face, and even going clean shave sometimes to grow your beard again is so much fun.

Some men see their beard as their biggest accessory and they want it to look different and stand out in public. If this is you, you need to start working on grooming skills and take good care of your face and facial hair. And there is no right age to start, the earlier the better but right now its the perfecttime if you have never done it before.

To keep your beard game on point, you need to do just some little steps. And for that, we got some easy tips for you.

Start caring ASAP:

The best thing to care for your beard is to start trimming it regularly. Regularly obviously doesn’t mean every day, but yes, you have to keep a check on the length of the facial hair. Everyone's hair grows at a different speed, depending on yours select the best style that suits your face with consider thickness and length and start to work on the style you want to achieve.

Your lifestyle matters, specially of you are someone who struggles with hair growth,your diet, and workout regime can make a difference.

Face shape plays a vital role:

Knowing your face shape is very important because you get to know what hairstyles suit you and with that what beard styles fit best on your face. Knowing all the things right and styling it in the right way makes you look more attractive and overall confident in your personal style.

Your beard is part of your personal style. Your face shape is different than your friend's face shape, so you cannot copy anyone else's beard style. You have to make a statement of your own.

Using a good face wash:

Washing your face is an essential thing you need to take care of because, not just your hair, but your skin also has to be taken care of. Similarly to your hair and scalp, you need to take care of your facial hair and your facial skin. You just cannot use a bar of regular soap on your hair, so the same goes for your facial hair. Using the right face wash according to your skin type is necessary, as clear skin is a key element for a good beard.

Also, you should always make sure that the facial hair isn’t dry and set properly to avoid that frizzy look.

Oiling your beard:

As washing is important. Similarly applying beard oil is important to give the maintaining nourishered beard. The right oil for your beard can give you that classy look without making your face dry. Conditioner makes your hair soft but oiling avoids beard dandruff. Nobody likes those flakes, down on their shirt.

Beard oil works as fuel to your beard and gives life to it. We recommend to apply a beard oil two to three times a week, so your beard and skin under the beard are properly nourished. This is essential for keeping the new growth of hair incoming.

Beard essentials:

Having all the required things for grooming your beard is necessary. You should have a proper beard comb which you should use every day to comb downwards to grow it in shape.

A good trimmer to keep the length and thickness according to your choice and a pair of scissors to trim that small baby hair.

As mentioned above a good shampoo and conditioner for beard and beard oil is a must to give them nourishment. Keep your grooming kit on point, and try to maintain your beard to the finest by applying these beard essentials.

Here are some extra quick tips for you, which should be kept in mind, while rocking that edgy and badass beard, the below list covers some vital grooming tips as well, so that you should focus on other body hair as well.

For keeping your beard and grooming game on point, you need to do some little steps to make that first impression with your style: -

Keeping in mind the length of your beard. You should always keep a check that all the facial hair of the same length and keep trimming your beard on time.

You should always shave your hairy neck because that gives a look that you are not taking care of yourself and doesn’t show a good impression.

You should keep a check on your nose and ear hair they shouldn't outgrow. Because no offense but they look gross.

Never, I repeat never, forget using your moisturizer because a dry and flaky skin underneath your beard is not a good thing. Wash your face properly and apply the moisturizer thoroughly, so that it goes into the skin and not remain on the board.

Guys don't generally as their eyebrows get done but you can keep a check that they don't overgrow and are in good shape.

So here it is, the only guide, you’re going to need to rule this so-called beard game. Beard comes off a sign of masculinity and keeping up and maintain a beard can be hectic for some and can be easy for other.

If you devote a few minutes of your daily routine, to your beard and grooming routine then you will always be one-step ahead. The secret to keeping your beard always on point is to be consistent! If you consistently put in effort now, your beard will thank you later.

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