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What haircut fits you? Demystifying different face shapes and haircuts.

Good hair days can define how good your mood is, but for a good hair day, you need to have a good haircut. Hair is very important for everyone, as it gives you confidence and is an important part of your appearance. The right haircut can make you look the most dashing person around and a wrong haircut can make you look bizarre.

When you have to look your best, want to impress a potential client, or want to look fresh at a function then, nothing can make all this happen without a good haircut, and to set an impression you need the best haircut from Mike Blends barbershop.

In the context of hair and styling, what looks good on others, may not look good on you. The primary reason is the different face shape everyone has. A good barber tells you what haircut suits you the best.

First things first, before knowing your perfect haircut you need to know that whatever face shape you have, you need to go in contrast to that, to create a balanced face shape and look.

So we are here to help you find out what best haircut is according to your face shape.

Oval face shape:

Your Face length is greater than the face width of your cheekbones and your forehead is bigger than your jawlines. Your jaw is more rounded instead of having a sharp angle. That’s why we call this an oval shape.

For this kind of face shape, you should go with a haircut, which is shorter on the side and back and longer on top. You should avoid hair coming on your forehead, as it will give you a more feminine look and your face will look more round.

This shape is relatively balanced and allows you to choose a variety of hairstyles.

High volume pompadour or quiff is one of the best hairstyles of an oval-shaped face, as it keeps your face shape perfectly balanced. These hairstyles have hair shorter on the sides and voluminous hair on top which is well texturized. Surely you are not regretting this one!

For a perfectly symmetrical shape, the hairstyles that suit the best are a Faded quiff or a buzz cut as it enhances your features and these kinds of haircut show the perfectly squared jawline and your masculinity. Girls love that!

All three of your forehead, cheekbones, and jawlines are of the same size, but your face length is much longer than the other face shapes. But this face shape is one of the easiest to style.

For a rectangular shaped face, you need a haircut that is fuller from the backsides and not long from the top because it will make your face look longer. You should have a proportionate amount of hair on all the sides to get that macho look.

A side part, slick back, or a sleek man bun will look amazing, as it will not make your face appear longer and at the same time will carry the balance and sexy look. Killing two birds with one stone. You can go simple and basic, without putting loads of volume and effort in your hairstyle.

Square face shape:

The sharp-angled jawline and even proportions of the forehead, cheekbones, and jawlines are the symmetry of a square shape. This is the shape desired by guys because it looks more masculine and brawny.

All kind of haircuts suits this kind of face shape, except longer from the sides because it makes your face looks heavy and bulky.

For a perfectly symmetrical shape, the hairstyles that suit the best are Faded quiff or a buzz cut as it enhances your features and these kinds of haircut show the perfectly squared jawline and your masculinity. Girls love that!

Round face shape:

This face shape has the same length of face and cheekbones; jawlines are not that angled. The round shape has two types, one is, your face shape is round and the other one can be because of your weight, your cheekbones can be fluffy.

Round face shape can have sides a little bit shorter and long from the top to give the face a long look. and do not ever get a buzz cut! Also, you can try growing beard to give angles to your face and get a masculine look.

You should try haircuts which are shorter from back and sides like high fade, slick back hairstyles will be the best as it reduces the roundness of your face and gives it a more elongated look. These kinds of hairstyles give you a more manly look.

Triangle face shape:

If your face has Longer jawlines than cheekbones and forehead or can have both longer jawlines and cheekbones then you have a triangle face shape. To get an oval shape look, you need lots of volume in your hair to make your face look more even. The sides should be a little bit fuller so that the face looks more symmetrical. and should avoid having a full beard because that makes the face looks broader from the jawline area.

Undercut quiff and pompadour are the best for the broad jawline which has slightly heavy hair on top which has volume and you can also try fringe that will look attractive.

Diamond face shape:

The cheekbones are wider than both the forehead and jawlines and might have a little pointed chin. It is one of the strongest face shapes which is desired by every man.

There can be different haircuts that can suit a diamond face shaped person, you can get the length from top look to get a broad face, you can experiment with the long fringes so that the narrow forehead is not visible and the cheekbones pop. You can go with a clean shave to show the perfect jawline and can have a stubble beard if you want to show a more angled jawline.

A messy haircut or a fringe will go better with a diamond face shape as it will enhance your face features and balance out your cheekbones with your forehead. Keep your hair textured and messy to have that gentleman look.

So there you have it, we put an amazing in-detail display of which type of haircut you should get that compliments your face and give you the desired results. What hairstyle we recommended for you, was just a general recommendation.

You can always try and test out the different hairstyles and see what looks good on you. Experimenting and playing up with your hair and hairstyle is quite important so that you get to know more about your personal style.

Now if this article inspired you to take a perfect haircut, then go grab an opportunity by having a haircut at Mike Blends Barbershop.

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