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Barbershops services to consider!

A happy client is the best strategic plan for a successful business, and especially when your business is in the service sector. Here at Mike Blends Barbershop, customers are treated like they deserve!

Barbershops services to consider!

It is very important to take care of your skin, hair, and grooming style. In today's era, it's compulsory to follow new trends and be updated in every field, and when we talk about our skincare, hair, and styling we always want to look and feel our best.

So, we are here to discuss what services you can find in our barbershops and why it is necessary to take salon services on regular basis. So without further ado, let’s start with the services, you’ll need to maintain that fresh-neat look on a regular basis:

Haircut and fade:

Just imagine! You met a girl for the first time and you’re properly dressed up from top to bottom but her hair looks frizzy and shabby so, what would your first impression be, a good one?, I really don’t think so! Because proper hairstyle and haircut is a part of a well-groomed man.

Proper haircuts according to your face-cut and trimming from both the side and back is a key factor. Every man must have a haircut within 15-20 days and if your hair growth is slow then, once a month, so that you look fabulous and handsome throughout the year.

Shave and beard:

Studies have shown, that men don't know how to grow a beard, beard growing depends a lot on hormones change and genetics, and even us guys sometimes may not know how to maintain it.

Again, maintaining a beard is an important grooming step, you have to analyze what actually suits your face. A full-grown beard, only mustache, French cut beard, clean shave, or something else.

If you don’t take care of your facial hair you may have a patchy beard, and feel irritation so you must get your beard trimmed on a regular basis at the salon to maintain length and have an in-depth cleaning.

Hot towel treatment:

If you don't go to the salon and do shaving at home only, you will miss this great service known as hot towel treatment. This treatment is basically done before shaving so that all the dead skin cells and bacteria are removed, pores are open and facial hair becomes soft so you can have proper shave.

Skin gets moisturized and proper nutrition is provided to your skin just like oil, cream, massage. Then after shaving, we apply green mask treatment and follow up by cold treatment. So, that face pores are close and for the next, some days’ face will be shinning and hydrate. you will definitely shine out in a crowd of hundreds.

Facial mask and treatment:

As we discussed in the previous point, that just after the shave we apply green mask treatment, so you must be thinking what is green mask treatment?

So here will we tell you more about it!

Just after the shaving, we apply the green mask. This mask is very beneficial for the skin and comes with a well-deserved massage. This mask gets rid of irritation, gives you anti-aging benefits, treats acne, and adds an additional layer of skin protection.

These are some of the reasons why we recommend this service just after shaving. This treatment also includes cold towel treatment and in the end, we apply aftershave balm to moisturize your skin. We know it'll make you feel younger!

Hair coloring:

Everyone's style is different, but it is no secret that coloring one's hair can make you look younger and improve your overall self-image. One may think that all colors are good colors, but the reality is that you must choose a color that when applied on your hair will suit you, so whenever you decide on hair coloring it is important to choose wisely the right hair color.

Here are some tips to help you make a good choice.

Firstly, we have to identify your skin tone and then accordingly choose the best color shade for your hair. Nowadays almost every celebrity goes for hair coloring, so keep in mind what their color complexion is! Just don't copy! We recommend you try a hair color on a specific piece of hair and you might get the idea of what hair color may suit you.

Design and Art:

This is for the bolder type! If you love trying out new styles, and changing your appearance in an artistic way, then design and art may be the right service for you.

Here at Mike Blends Barbershop, we offer a variety of styles and all of them come with the guarantee of satisfaction, Mike himself, a Master Barber will take care of your personalized idea and bring it to life for you.

Hey, we know we all are in a rush and can't spend ample of time in barbershops that's why we prefer to do shaving and trimming at home only, but will you get hot towel treatment at your home, can you color your hair at your place -(and be certain you will love it), can you have a proper haircut just like a professional?

We can assume that the majority of men will feel most comfortable with a professional rather than doing it themselves.

At Mike Blends we promise you comfort and excellent customer service. We love what we do and we are certain you will love it too.

Feeling ready for a relaxing, productive trip to the barbershop? Make sure to book your appointment at Mike Blends!

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